Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Venture: Making Covered Buttons for Craft Shows

So, I've been absent for quite a while!  Well, I took the plunge and purchased a covered button making machine and am scheduled to be at my first craft show of the year this coming weekend (July 15) at The Temple in Louisville KY!

I've embroidered several holiday-themed covers for pinback covered buttons, flat back covered buttons and interchangeable covered buttons for retractable badge reels.  Any nurses out there who would like sets of these?  The badge reels are also great for those who must have security clearance cards. 

More info will be following to let you know how to get sets of the interchangeable holiday-themed retractable badge reels.  I plan to set up an Etsy shop where many of my products will be available.  Stay tuned!
 These will be added to fabric flowers that can be worn as a brooch or can be used as embellishment for headbands or flip flops, or purse/bags, or on a zipper pull on jackets and purses/bags.  I added crystal beads on the one on the left and pearls on the other one.

 This is a picture of the retractable badge reel I have available, along with three of the interchangeable holiday designs I have.  There will be more to follow.

I have pink support breast cancer button covers stitched out and I've also stitched out some yellow ribbon button covers to show support for our military troops.  I'll post a picture of them soon.


  1. I like you post so good I also share with you some tips hope you like it
    Understand that there is going to be resistance from folks who prefer not to wear an ID badge. Explain that it is for their protection and safety. Remember, it starts at the top; make sure that your organizational leaders also follow the policy.ID Badge Reels

  2. Thank you Hira. It's been interesting to see who is willing, or even needs, to wear an ID badge. Some organizations require employees to wear them, some require employees to wear security clearance cards. So, I can cater to both of those requirements with my ID badges. They also make great scissor reels for those who sew, quilt, craft or scrapbook.