Monday, November 28, 2011

Art and Craft Shows

I've been away for a while!  I've been working on a new venture: making items for sale at art and craft shows.  After all, this is the Season!

I have been making ribbon purses for about six years and decided to take them to the marketplace.  Two weeks ago, I exhibited my purses at the art/craft show at my high school alma mater.  My husband, Lee, helped me with the exhibit and working the show.  We had a blast!  He loves people and loves to tell people about what I do, so it was a good experience.  We also did a second show the next week and had more fun!

This is one of my purses, made completely with grosgrain ribbon and embellished with fun fur around the top edge and a sheer ribbon bow topped with a ribbon rosette.  The bow and rosette are hand-sewn onto a pin back for easy removal.  This one is in a lavender and white combination.

This red, white and black combination is quite eye-catching!  It has a red and white polka dot lining.  All of my purses are made with a cotton or cotton/polyester blend lining fabric, and there is one pocket on the inside with a hook and loop tape closure.   I have added a magnetic closure for the purse, itself.

The grosgrain ribbon is extremely durable and can be spot-cleaned to maintain its beauty.  I have been using my own personal ribbon purse for almost four years and it's still in like-new condition.

The next one is a black and white combination and has a black and white floral lining.

I now have both of these last two purses, along with a third one, for sale in the Koi Gallery, a shop inside the Galt House Hotel in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. 

I was thrilled when the shop owner said she would love to have some of my purses in her shop, needless to say!

I'll update my status on how this new venture is going, as time goes on.  I've also added some lower priced gift items for sale that can be purchased at a lower price for the budget-minded, such as Christmas tree napkins, coasters to match, fabric bowls, and I'm working on a garment protector design.  I'll try to get some photos of them posted when I get them ready.

I'm getting ready for another art/craft show scheduled for this Saturday and another - my last one - on the 10th.  My time is short, so I'll get back to the work table and sewing machine.