Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Serger Shadow Work Pillow Finished!

My Serger Shadow work pillow is finished and now on display at Austin's Sewing Center!  What a fun project it was to make!  I loved stitching the dark pink cover stitching on the reverse side of the pillow top, then turning it over to see how it shadows through the white batiste fabric.  The piping went in easily with the piping foot attachment, and the ruffle went on just as easily using the same foot.  I even set in the zipper with the serger.  The only sewing machine work on this is to stitch together the ends of the ruffle.  Since I cut it so the ends were on the selvedge edge, I had no raw edges to finish.  How easy is that?  This class is scheduled for January 25.  I'll add some close up photos of the pillow in another post.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heirloom Baby Boys Cap

The heirloom baby boys cap project is a class I am scheduled to teach at Austin's Sewing Center on January 18.  The blue stitching on both sides of the embroidered insertion is done with a cover stitch setting on my Babylock Evolve 8-thread serger.  I used 12 weight cotton thread.  The stitching on the brim is a chain stitch with the same thread.  The cap is lined, which shows through the blue cover stitching.

Tomorrow, I'll add a photo of my Shadow Work Pillow project.  Come back to see how pretty it turned out.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Making the Bias Binding Using the Bias Tape Maker for the Tailored Baby Boys Serger Bib

I used the 3/4" bias tape maker to make the binding, then spray starched it and pressed it in half to make it easier to attach to the edges of the bib.

Tailored Boys Serger Bib Using Bias Binding and Cover Stitch

This closeup shows the bottom of the bib, with the bias binding attached, using a narrow cover stitch.  The binding can also be attached with twin needles on the sewing machine.  I used light blue rayon thread on all of the stitching that shows.

Tailored Boys Serger Bib with Rolled Edge Pintucks

This closeup shows the top of the bib, with the topstitching around the neck, the rolled edge pin tucks that attached the embroidered insertion to the strip of white batiste and the strip of blue linen.

The Tailored Baby Boys Serger Bib is Finished!

The idea I had to just make the double-fold bias binding with the bias tape maker worked!  After putting the 1 1/4" strip of bias through the tape maker, I then spray starched the binding and pressed it in half.  That made the binding much easier to wrap around the curved edge of the bib.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tailored Boys Serger Bib

This project has been a real challenge, that is, as far as the binding goes!  The bib has gone together really well up to the binding.  The instructions say to use the binder attachment to attach the binding in one step.  Apparently, it means a double-fold binder.  Since I only have a single-fold binder attachment, I have decided to change direction: to use my 3/4" bias binding pressing tool to make a separate binding, instead of using the attachment on my serger.  Then, attach the binding using the cover stitch.  After realizing the single-fold binding will be left with a raw edge that will have to be trimmed off, I didn't think that would be a finished-looking edge.  When I finish the bib with the newly made double-fold binding, I'll post a photo of it here.  This class is scheduled for January 4, at Austin's Sewing Center.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Precious Baby Girls Serger Bib

I finally figured out how to use the software with my new digital camera, so I can upload photos of my Precious Baby Girls Serger Bib and other projects.  The bib is now on display at Austin's Sewing Center on Taylorsville Road in Louisville.  The class is scheduled for December 14.  Call Austin's to register for my class and learn some great serger techniques!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Latest Project is Ready for Display

I finished my Martha Pullen Precious Girls Serger Bib tonight and will take it to Austin's Sewing Center tomorrow for display.  The class I'm teaching on it is scheduled for Dec. 14.  I'll post a photo of it sometime soon.  It turned out so cute!  It's pink/white with a center row of large entredeaux (ladder), two rows of embroidered insertion, then two rows of insertion lace.  The outside rows are in pink bastiste.  A row of gathered edging lace is all around the outside edge.  3/8" ribbon is attached at the neck for the ties.  It's lined and has a layer of cotton batting between.  Sign up for my class and learn to make this pretty little bib for that special new baby girl!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Should Serger Heirloom Sewing Become My Niche?

I have fallen in love with heirloom sewing and now that I've learned to do heirloom on my serger, I'm taking it to a new level.  Since becoming a staff teacher at Austin's Sewing Center in Louisville KY, I have scheduled several beginner classes on heirloom serger sewing.  Two are scheduled in December and three in January.

Serger heirloom sewing is a very easy way to accomplish a beautifully finished project as the serger "rolls and whips" the seam allowances all in one step!  Yes, you can work heirloom sewing techniques on a serger with confidence and accuracy, saving time and effort, with a lovely result.

As a Martha Pullen Licensed Serger Instructor, I am looking forward to sharing my serger and heirloom skills with the eager sewing student who is looking for more creativity in his or her sewing endeavors.