Friday, June 14, 2013

Recycled Necktie Purse Project

Sew What! Community Sewing group is working on this recycled necktie purse project for our May & June project.  We thought it would be quick enough for only one month, but as it turns out, we need two months to get it completed. 

The purse project is from my Master Clothing Volunteer annual training last October.  It's made from (You guessed it!) a man's necktie.  An old one that's been washed or dry-cleaned will work just fine, or a new necktie that hasn't been worn would also be a good idea.  It turned out to be a really cute little purse.

This small evening bag-type purse doesn't have any pockets and only has the flap you see here as its closure.  A sew-on snap will work to close the flap, or hook and loop tape would also work.  If the latter is used, a large decorative button would be a great way to cover up the stitching on the outside of the purse flap.

Obviously, I don't have the closure put onto the purse flap yet.  But, it will be added before this month's class.  Also, I'll add some more photos of my purse step-by-step samples.

The purse project goes together fairly quickly.  The necktie is cut into seven sections and are arranged into this cute little purse.  It's amazing how much fabric is in one necktie!