Comfort Caps Sewn and Serged

I have gotten involved, and have gotten my Sew What! class involved, in making Comfort Caps as our community service project that are being donated to our local cancer center unit at the Baptist East Hospital.  So far over 50 caps have been donated.  My students have brought about 60 more caps to me that they have made outside of our class, at home, which I will take in the near future. 

These caps allow the cancer patient, who has experienced hair loss, to have a pretty and warm covering for their bare scalps.  Most of our caps are constructed out of polar fleece, but some are cotton knit for summer wear.  I was told by a nurse at the cancer center that some patients like the fleece, even in hot weather, for wearing in air conditioned locations.  That makes a lot of sense to me!

We are recommending that patients take two caps, so they'll have one to wear and one to wash.  I, and my students, hope these caps will be a blessing to anyone who receives them.