Friday, May 10, 2013

My Online Shop

I have a confession to make to everyone!  I had hoped to get my online shop at opened by now.  However, plans don't always get worked out the way we'd like.  Some of you already know that my husband, Lee, fell on November 6, 2012 and broke his hip and wrist (I won't go into all the details), then two days later I came down with vertigo. 

We were both in recuperation mode for about 3 months, missing both our birthdays in November, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year's.  It was well into February when I was able to get back to some normal activities, but then my chronic lower back pain and sciatica started getting worse.  I went into physical therapy the first week of March and am now doing much better.  Lee had a much shorter recovery time.  He was doing very well by the end of January.

I didn't even go into my sewing studio until around the first of March when it was time to get ready to teach two classes at the 2013 "It's Sew Fine Sewing Expo" at General Butler State Resort Park, scheduled for April 16-17.  Now that the Expo is behind me, I'm taking another look at getting the Zibbet shop opened up.  Lee & I have had some serious discussion about taking on this endeavor.  Now, comes the confession: I'm not sure sure it's going to happen.

I really think I'd love to give it a go; I have some product already made;I have lots more product ideas I'd like to pursue; I do have the shop set up.  It's now a matter of how much time I will have to give to it and if it will be worthwhile.  Lee & I are looking at taking on some additional responsibilities with our church and a couple of other churches, so we're praying about which way the Lord wants us to go.

I'll keep you posted on what our decision will be when it happens.  Please keep us in your prayers, as well.  I know the Lord will lead us to the correct decision for His glory!