Sunday, May 15, 2011

Denim Re-Make, Upcycling Old Denim

As an afterthought, I wanted to post another project I made from some denim yardage I found in my resource center.  I needed a cover-up for the end of my work table/pressing surface, which is two identical chests of drawers that are backed up to each other.  They are sitting on bricks to bring them up to an ergonomical work height.  Since the ends of the chests were not attractive-looking as one walks into the studio, and the bricks were really unsightly, I needed something to cover the whole area; but, I wanted something that was functional.

So, I cut a length of the yardage to drape all the way to the floor and to be long enough to slide under the work top, which can anchor it into place.  The width of the denim was just a little too wide, so I serged it off to match the width of the chests.  To turn the drape into a sewing studio organizer, I used some pockets and belt loops from old jeans and one pocket from a denim shirt, and used a jeans leg to make some ruler holders.

In this photo, you can see how I sewed some fun fur onto the belt loops for the rotary cutters.  I sewed some decorative sewing-themed buttons onto two of the pockets.  The shirt pocket had a pencil section already stitched into it, so I utilized it for a marker.

In this shot, you can barely see the work top.  It's made from a piece of plywood cut to fit the two chests.  I  covered it with two old army blankets, then placed a layer of duck on top which I wrapped around the edges of the board and stapled it to the back.  It's heavy enough to hold the drape in place, even with all the loops and pockets filled!

The longer loops on the left are spaced far enough apart for my quilting rulers.  The loops on the right accommodate my straight rotary rulers.  Again, I decorated them with some fancy yarn from my resource center.  Just before I snapped this picture, I decided to pin on another belt loop near the top for my tape measure.  It worked!  The tape falls just above the floor - how handy!  (I did sew the loop on later.)

This organizer is very useful.  I have my rulers at my fingertips and can locate my rotary cutters easier, as long as I put them back where they belong!  It's not only useful, it looks good when I walk into the studio, which makes me smile.

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