Monday, September 3, 2012

Fabric Gift Bag or Treat Bag Custom Project

Several days ago, I finished a custom order for fabric gift or treat bags.  A teacher friend saw a post I made on Facebook about some fabric bags with embroidery and a ribbon drawstring, and she was intrigued!  After contacting me and us communicating back and forth for about two weeks, we settled on a size of 4" x 6" with a drawstring.  I suggested we do embroidered first name initials for her 24 students in the school's colors of royal blue and white.

The bag in this photo is the prototype I made with the teacher's first and last name initials just so she could see how the stitching looks on the bag.  The bag is made of unbleached muslin, so I think the royal blue shows up on it nicely.

We decided to put the solid blue ribbon on the boys' bags and sheer royal blue ribbon with white polka dots on the girls' bags. I switched the teacher's ribbon to the sheer version (since she's a girl!) - it's the one in the upper left of this photo.  I used the Curlz alphabet from Hope Yoder, which lends a fun flair to the project. 

I'm thinking about adding these cute fabric gift bags to my product line for craft shows this Fall.  If anyone out there has an idea on other fabrics I can use, please leave me a message below.  I'm going to experiment with some organdy and some cotton Christmas fabric.  The person who inspired me to make these bags is making hers out of a sheer fabric with a pretty flower embroidery and has started a business making them for bridesmaid favors.  Hmmm.....