Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Craft Show Pictures

This picture of our craft show booth may be a little hard to figure out with the open drapes behind it and the bright sunshine outside.  I guess I could have asked if the drapes could be closed, but didn't even think about that!  I know I need to make some improvements and adjustments to this set-up.  I'll figure out what to do before the next show, I promise!

This shows the work area, behind the covered button display board, where customers could watch me actually put together their covered buttons as they chose what they wanted.

I took the rest of my ribbon purses to the craft show.  The label shown in my heading above is like what I've made for all of my purses.  Each of these purses is one of a kind, making them very unique.  They're made out of grosgrain ribbon sewn onto a fabric base, with a hook and loop tape pocket on the inside and are fully lined.  The one I've been using almost every day for the past four years is holding up so well, you'd never know it's that old!

 I love the way the color combination came together on this sticky note pad holder.  The pen has matching paper rolled up and inserted inside the barrel.  I used a scroll embroidery design on baby blue fabric for the covered button.  The purple thread matched the purple sticky note pad perfectly!

Of course, I had to have a University of Kentucky button on the blue sticky note pad holder!

This is one of the first covered buttons I made - the one in an earlier post on which I added fusible crystals on top of the stitching.  The black layers are made of organza, which added to the "glitzy" look of the brooch, I think!

This layered flower brooch came together nicely.  I love the way the two shades of yellow compliment each other with layers of pale yellow and yellow and white gingham.  The yellow rayon embroidery thread really picks up the darker yellow in the gingham, don't you think?
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Again, to this layered flower, I added some layers of black organza and layers of white bridal tulle.  The black rayon embroidery thread really gives the black and white theme a punch.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 15 Craft Show Report

Now that I've had a day of rest, it's time to give you a report on my July 15 craft show.  This is a photo of part of our booth.  I know I need to make some adjustments on how to display everything - we're still learning how to do this.  Having these pics helps me to see it from the attendees' view, then I can see what I could improve upon.

 These bookmarks/memo holders are made with large plastic-coated paper clips and covered buttons glued on the front.  I have been using one daily for over a week, and it's holding up really well.  I've carried it with me on shopping trips to hold my shopping lists and to keep all my lists together in my notebook.

The layered flower display took over the middle of the display table.  All of these, except the ones for headbands, have a pin back attached to the back for use as a brooch, on a tote bag or purse, or can be pinned onto an adult headband.

I thought this layered flower turned out really pretty with the two shades of yellow, accented by the hot pink covered button to pick up the touch of hot pink in the flower petal.  The button cover is stitched on yellow/white gingham, which is duplicated in two layers of the flower.  It's rather subtle, but striking, I think!

This display shows the button cover choices that we offered.  The purchaser of a retractable badge reel (for name tags, security clearance cards, scissors) could choose the covers they wanted to interchange on their badge reel and then could watch while I actually put everything together using my button-making machine.  The button covers can also be made into pin back buttons to be worn separately.

Stay tuned for more pics of our booth, probably tomorrow.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Covered Button Craft Show Projects

I'm getting closer to being finished with my craft show items!  Hallelujah!  Here are some more photos of the covered button projects I'll have in my booth.

 The top two photos are some memo holders I've made from an acrylic photo frame with a matching pen.  I used two sizes of sticky notes and a covered button with a butterfly embroidery.  I'm happy with the way they turned out.  I'm working on more with a red/black color scheme and a University of Louisville embroidered button.  I think I'll also make a blue/white University of Kentucky button for a few of them.

I've made lots of these layered flowers, from Hope Yoder's Layered Flower CD.  These are sewn onto stretchy headbands and covered buttons with a clover embroidery design from Hope Yoder.

 A closeup of the pink layered flower.

 These are brooches made with the layered flowers and embroidered covered buttons.  A pin back is placed on the back side.  These would look great on a dress, a jacket, a purse, a tote bag.

 This white layered flower has white fabric, white organza and white bridal tulle.  The covered button is embroidered with irridescent metallic thread.  Wouldn't this look fabulous on a white and black outfit?

Here is an assortment of holiday/event themed covered buttons that will go with the badge reel shown.  I'll package these in a set of 5 buttons along with the badge reel.  I realized after I took the picture that I left out the snowflake that I stitched with metallic threads.  It turned out very "sparkly!"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Venture: Making Covered Buttons for Craft Shows

So, I've been absent for quite a while!  Well, I took the plunge and purchased a covered button making machine and am scheduled to be at my first craft show of the year this coming weekend (July 15) at The Temple in Louisville KY!

I've embroidered several holiday-themed covers for pinback covered buttons, flat back covered buttons and interchangeable covered buttons for retractable badge reels.  Any nurses out there who would like sets of these?  The badge reels are also great for those who must have security clearance cards. 

More info will be following to let you know how to get sets of the interchangeable holiday-themed retractable badge reels.  I plan to set up an Etsy shop where many of my products will be available.  Stay tuned!
 These will be added to fabric flowers that can be worn as a brooch or can be used as embellishment for headbands or flip flops, or purse/bags, or on a zipper pull on jackets and purses/bags.  I added crystal beads on the one on the left and pearls on the other one.

 This is a picture of the retractable badge reel I have available, along with three of the interchangeable holiday designs I have.  There will be more to follow.

I have pink support breast cancer button covers stitched out and I've also stitched out some yellow ribbon button covers to show support for our military troops.  I'll post a picture of them soon.