Monday, April 2, 2012

Sheer Ribbon Gathered Flower

One of the flowers I didn't teach at my March 16th Flower Power class is the sheer ribbon gathered flower.  It's made with 1" sheer ribbon, cut at about 18" long.  The ribbon is gathered into a small, puffy type flower and can be used as an embellishment or as a stand-alone brooch with a sewn-on felt backing and a pinback.  A cluster of the sheer ribbon flowers would certainly be pretty as a brooch!

The following pictures show what the sheer ribbon flower looks like from the front and from the back.  There is a slight difference in the look, so you could have some variety if you make a cluster with several of the flowers.

This is one side of the flower.

This is the other side of the flower.

There is a very slight difference in these two sides of the flower.
 Both of the sheer ribbon gathered flowers are from sheer ribbon that is 1 inch wide.  A wider width would make a much fuller flower, and conversely, a more narrow ribbon would make a leaner flower.  The same would hold true with longer and shorter lengths.

The difference between the two sides of the yellow flower is more easily seen.

One of these sheer ribbon flowers looks good layered on top of a yo-yo.  Sew it onto a stretchy headband for a cute look.
This is a very easy and versatile ribbon flower, and it's very pretty in the sheer ribbon.  You could probably make it with satin, or silk satin ribbon for an equally pretty flower that would be a little softer looking.

I have had so much fun making ribbon flowers and fabric flowers for my projects and for my Flower Power class.  In fact, I have a Flower Power II class scheduled at Austin's Sewing Center for June 4, from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.  Please join me to learn how to make some more difficult flowers for all of your creative embellishments.