Monday, November 29, 2010

Should Serger Heirloom Sewing Become My Niche?

I have fallen in love with heirloom sewing and now that I've learned to do heirloom on my serger, I'm taking it to a new level.  Since becoming a staff teacher at Austin's Sewing Center in Louisville KY, I have scheduled several beginner classes on heirloom serger sewing.  Two are scheduled in December and three in January.

Serger heirloom sewing is a very easy way to accomplish a beautifully finished project as the serger "rolls and whips" the seam allowances all in one step!  Yes, you can work heirloom sewing techniques on a serger with confidence and accuracy, saving time and effort, with a lovely result.

As a Martha Pullen Licensed Serger Instructor, I am looking forward to sharing my serger and heirloom skills with the eager sewing student who is looking for more creativity in his or her sewing endeavors.

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