Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sandy's Sanity-Saving Sewing Snippets - #1 Sew Flat

This is the first of a new feature I'd like to start of posting some tips for beginner sewists, as well as experienced sewists, where I'll share ideas gleaned from my years of sewing experience and teaching on how to sew faster, easier, and better.  I'm naming this series of bi-weekly (approximately) posts, "Sandy's Sanity-Saving Sewing Snippets."  I hope you enjoy the posts and learn some new information from them.  Please feel free to leave a comment on something you'd like to see here pertaining to sewing faster, easier and better.

Today, I worked with a beginning sewing student on a project.  The subject of sewing-in-the-flat came up.  What I mean by this is, sew together hard-to-access parts of your sewing project while it's still flat.  For example, it's easier to sew in sleeves before the underarm seams and side seams are stitched, or it's easier to install a zipper before sewing any seams.  Once the project has taken shape, some areas are more difficult to access.  Make your sewing easier to do, not harder.  You'll have more fun while completing your projects in less time.

As an additional tip, please go to this post to see a tutorial on how to clean and maintain your sewing machine.  This tutorial is especially important for all of you beginning and returning sewists out there!

Please let me know how I can answer your basic sewing questions!

Be creative - learn to sew,

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