Friday, March 28, 2014

Sew What Community Sewing Group 2014 Community Service Project

Sew What Group has been extremely busy since the start of 2014 making cough pillows for the cancer treatment center at Norton Suburban Hospital in Louisville!  Recently, Lee and I delivered over 250 cough pillows to Norton Suburban.  The nurses and coordinator of the unit were absolutely blown away by the group's generosity.  And, for good reason!  Two of our ladies made close to 225, themselves!  There are six of us who have been making pillows. Yesterday, at our March meeting, more than 160 more pillows were brought to me to get delivered.  I am really looking forward to delivering this next batch of cough pillows.

The pillows are used by breast cancer surgery, heart surgery and prostate cancer surgery patients to hold against their mid-section when needing to cough or sneeze.  I'm told that the patients LOVE their cough pillows.  They take the pillows with them everywhere.  Some patients even give their pillow a name!  How sweet!

 Here are photos of the last group of cough pillows that were delivered.  Photos of the most recent group will follow in another post.

Some of the fabric was donated by the husband of a woman who died from breast cancer about 3 1/2 years ago.  I know she would be happy about how we're using her fabrics!

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