Monday, November 18, 2013

Mr. Gobbles Stuffed Felt Turkey Door Decoration

After years of looking at this project in an old Hancock Fabrics project booklet, I finally made myself get the necessary felt colors, trace the pattern and get the turkey project finished!  Wow!  I guess I'm a procrastinator, huh?

I don't do much hand embroidery, but lately I've made two projects for Thanksgiving: this stuffed felt turkey project and a tea towel.  I find that hand embroidery is very calming and soothing.  I know my blood pressure went down a lot!  I'll post the tea towel project in a few days, after I get it finished.  The tea towel project was what I taught at our October Sew What? Community Sewing group meeting.  Everyone did a great job on their embroidery!

I really didn't follow the exact color combination that the directions give.  Honestly, I forgot to look at the suggested colors for the turkey project before I went to the fabric store to cash in on the sale price for the felt - and to be able to use my discount.  The orange is supposed to be "cardinal red" and the light tan is supposed to be gold, but I used gold embroidery thread for the blanket stitching around all of the feather pieces.  I thought that would make the stuffed felt turkey show up a little better on the front door.

He's really a table-top project, but one of my students said she wanted to make her turkey project into a door hanging.  I thought that was a great idea!  Since I'm partial to Thanksgiving (we tend to overlook that holiday), I wanted to show my "Thanksgiving Spirit" by placing my stuffed felt turkey on my front door.

Here he is on my front door.  I hung him on a door hook - I think it's called a wreath hook.  It's a little high, but I think it shows up really well.

This is how the turkey looks flat on the floor.  If I make a second one, I'll make it for the table, to sit upright in a basket of fake straw.

Isn't he cute?  I just love him!

Let's remember to give thanks for this great country (USA) and all the bountiful blessings God has showered down upon us.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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