Saturday, July 2, 2011

Purse Accessories and Organizer

Last Thursday was my June meeting of Sew What! community sewing group.  Our lesson was on how to make a purse organizer, which completes the second part of the purse accessories set.

This photo shows the purse organizer filled with essential items that we all need to carry around with us.  Mine holds my wallet, a pen, a pencil, a sunglasses case made from the same fabric, and is part of the purse accessories set, my cell phone, and a tissue holder made from the same fabric as part of the coordinating set. 

The purse accessories set includes a quilted cosmetic bag, as well.  It could fit into a pocket, if you should choose to make a pocket to fit it, or just use it as a separate accessory.

The purse organizer is made with a very stiff interfacing and two layers of fabric.  Pockets are stitched according to the size of the items you want to store inside your purse.  When the purse organizer is filled, it can be rolled up to fit almost any size purse.  You can then lift it out and place it in another purse and not have to change each individual item when you want to change purses.

This is the purse organizer I made for my Mother's birthday.  She really loves it!  She had been looking for something that would hold her essentials that she could move from purse to purse as a unit.  When I found this idea, I knew it would make the perfect gift for her.  I made her a cosmetic bag with two sections in it to keep items separate, a sunglasses case and a tissue holder.  She loves showing it off to her friends.

This is the two-sectioned cosmetic bag.  My Mom puts her pill bottle on one side and her lipstick, etc. on the other side.  She likes the way the sections keeps everything separated so she can find them easier.

Here, one of my students is stitching in the pockets on her purse organizer.  She had already made her tissue holder and cosmetic bag.  She used the same fabric on both sides of her organizer, which simplified the decision on which side to use as the lining side.  Smart!

Our Sew What! class included a lesson on how to crochet, taught by my expert Mother!  One of the students brought her granddaughter so she could learn to crochet.  My Mother has made hundreds of white snowflakes, over the years, for Christmas gifts and for my Christmas tree.  She loves to crochet!

      I think she was really getting the "hang" of it!

                                                             During the last thirty minutes of our class time, almost everyone was crocheting up a storm!  I'm looking forward to seeing some finished projects next month.

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