Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Jeans Re-make Projects

Last week was my May meeting of our Sew What! community sewing group at the local public library.  Only one of the students brought her "Sew and Tell" from last month's project.  If you remember, we had a lesson on recycling old jeans into new projects by cutting them up and re-sewing into useable items.

The student had made a tote bag, from a project sheet I found at JoAnn's Fabric Store.  It's made with various sizes of rectangles and squares, then sewn together with the seams on the outside.  The seam allowances are clipped so they'll ravel during use, as well as washing/drying, creating raggedy seams.  It turned out really cute!  See it below.

The additional bags in the photo are made from a single jeans pocket, like the one I made in the tutorial in another post on this blog.

In this photo, you can see the inside pocket the student put in using the same fabric as the handle fabric.  This bag is doubly useful!  My students are so creative!

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