Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Sew Fine Sewing Expo

I'm getting ready to teach at the It's Sew Fine Sewing Expo at General Butler State Resort Park in Carrollton, KY tomorrow.  I'll be teaching a decorative stitch thread painting class, using the built-in decorative and utility stitches on the sewing machine.  What a fun technique this is!  I have ten students signed up for the class.  I've been so busy cutting fabric, batting and stabilizer for the kits I'm providing each student.  Plus I've been making additional samples of the stitches as they look in the default setting, then as they look when altered and distorted (which is part of the technique).

The students will be instructed on how to make an abstract, realistic piece of wall art from two layers of fabric and one layer of quilt batting in between, with two kinds of flowers, complete with stems and leaves, along with a fabric that simulates the ground that has some decorative stitches sewn onto it.  The piece will be completed with three different kinds of yarn that will simulate grass and weeds for a realistic look.

After the class, I'll post some photos of my students' art work, so be watching for them!

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