Monday, January 17, 2011

Master Clothing Volunteer Work Day

Tomorrow is our semi-annual Master Clothing Volunteer work day at the Shelby County Cooperative Extension Service Office.  We'll be working on two community service projects: comfort caps and baby blankets.  This is always a fun time for us volunteers.  We get together to make projects for community service, we learn from each other by showing the projects that we made at our annual fall training in Jabez, KY, sharing tips and techniques, we talk and laugh and give each other ideas for more projects to teach in our individual communities, we make a plan of work for the coming year, and we eat!   It's always a fun day.

We'll meet again in June to recap our year since the previous June, and to complete our reports of the number of volunteer hours we've accumulated in that span of time.  We get inspiration from each other for projects to teach to eager students in our own communities and for sewing workshops we may want to provide.  We've become a close-knit group of like-minded sewists, who love sharing our craft with others!

I will begin 2011 with my community sewing group (Sew What?), at the Jeffersontown Public Library on the 4th Thursday of January, with a lesson on how to clean and maintain our sewing machines and sergers.  In a class at our volunteer training last fall, I learned some valuable tips on machine cleaning and maintenance that I didn't know before.  This is how we share our knowledge with our communities: learning new things at our annual training, then teaching it in our local areas in free classes.  That's what Cooperative Extension is all about!

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