Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sandy's Sanity-Saving Sewing Snippets - #2 Tips for Purchasing a Sewing Machine

 Do you have your sewing machine yet?  Here are some tips on how to go about purchasing your first sewing machine:
  1. Shop for the best machine you can afford. 
  2. Shop various sewing machine dealers in your area who carry brands different from each other so you can compare features.  Employees are trained on how to demonstrate the machine in their store.  
  3. Don't be shy about asking if you may test-drive the machine that interests you.  Think of it as buying a vehicle.  You wouldn't buy a vehicle without a test-drive, now would you?
  4. Think about your needs, what your sewing goals are.  Do you just need to do some mending once in a while, do you want to try sewing to find out if it's something you really want to spend time and money doing, or do you know for sure that you want to learn sewing to make well-fitting garments & to get the fabrics, colors & styles you want?  
  5. I truly DO NOT recommend purchasing a sewing machine from the "big box" stores!  Think about who is going to teach you how to use it, who will fix it if it breaks down, where will you get accessories that will fit your machine when the time comes?  And, on & on!
There are many valid reasons for learning to sew, and there are many kinds of sewing machines on today's market.  Be aware that sewing machine dealers not only have great brands of machines, from very basic to very high-end, they will give you great customer service with their service department, new-owner training, private lessons, group classes and the latest in sewing techniques & technology - and especially their fully-trained employees and up-to-the-minute sewing knowledge!

Check out the dealer's class offerings for a good look at what's being taught in that store by checking their website and getting on their mailing list.  Some classes are offered only one time over the course of a few years, others are offered more regularly.  Some dealers have nationally-known teachers who teach regularly in their store, and some teachers hold series of classes/clubs that might interest you.  Take advantage of the class offerings - you'll find new friends who share a passion of sewing and a whole new network of friendships can develop!

In a future post in this series, I'll talk about what should go into a beginner's sewing kit.  Thank you for reading this and I hope you're enjoying this series!

"Be creative and learn to sew!"

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